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KWOLFE.CO is a luxury jewelry brand created by the Wolfe Sisters. 

In 1993 Peter and Kelly Wolfe began their Ohana on the Big Island of Hawaii. They had four beautiful girls. Today the oldest Kelina is 26yr,  Keani is 24, Kealia  22, and Keilana 11. Peter taught his girls to love the ocean, respect the aina, and appreciate all the natural beauty of their island home. Kelly did everything for her girls and always looked fabulous doing it. The Wolfe Sisters passion for jewelry sparked at a young age, watching their mother wear iconic styles by Denny Wong, Tiffany & Co., Maui Divers and more.


Kelly gifted Kelina her first set of pearl studs when she was 19 and changed her life forever. The pearls made her feel like a princess, it was a coming of age. Moving forward, everyday she would wear 3-8 pearls on bangles, necklaces, earrings, and anklets.  No matter if she was at work, surfing, attending class, or paddling to Molokai. Tahitian pearls were a must!  There was something about wearing those beautiful pearls that made her heart so happy. 


Kelina is the designer and creative director behind KWOLFE.CO

Each piece of jewelry is handmade by Kelina, who graduated from college with a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration majoring in Marketing from UH West Oahu. During college she took fine jewelry making courses and attended many jewelry workshops. She practiced her jewelry making skills every chance she could. Sourcing the highest quality materials she could find and creating jewelry for herself, family and friends. The feedback was outstanding. Her own unique style naturally developed over the years and today it is the aesthetic and signature style of KWOLFE.CO, Simple yet SIGNIFICANT.

Keani and Kealia attended college in San Diego together and both graduated with a Bachelors in Communications from

Cal State San Marcos. Today they use their education to bear the KWOLFE.CO business. They both take care of everything from sales and marketing to modeling shoots, brand development and productivity. We have spent many years developing KWOLFE.CO to make sure it reflects who we are.

The sisters have combined their different skills, styles and talents to create a brand inspired by island life, effortless femininity,  sophistication and luxury jewelry. 

KWOLFE.CO's style and design will be forever evolving as the Wolfe Sisters plan to add new techniques and incorporate different materials within each of their collections. In the future we plan to expand our brand to include the younger generations. The baby of the family, Keilana will be the brand ambassador for our soon to be Keiki Collection. 

The Hulali Collection is the first official collection of the Jewelry Brand.


KWOLFE.CO is founded on:

Being true to your Authentic Self 



Personal Experience

Natural Beauty 

Empowering others


The Thought Behind The Logo 

The Wolf represents loyalty and our Ohana. Just as the wolf is drawn to the moon we’re drawn to Tahitian Pearls. The circle symbolizes the notions of totality, wholeness, original perfection, and the infinite, it is known to represent the spirit of feminine energy and a space that is sacred. Within our sacred space, you will find the ocean. Each wave represents a sister. Kelina, Keani, Kealia, and Keilana. This logo is designed to portray the essence of who we’re and all that we love.

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