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Gelx Extensions Course

Become a GelX extension pro, offering your clients the gift of long-lasting, beautiful nails!


Presented by Kealia Wolfe,
Founder & CEO at KWKLAWS

This in person training will leave you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to deliver GelX nail extensions to your clients. You'll learn techniques that ensure 3-6 weeks of flawless wear, leaving clients happy and confident.

Unleash Your Creativity:

Master GelX Nail Extensions!

Are you ready to transform your clients' nails with stunning GelX extensions that last? This 6-hour in person training is available to book every Saturday from 8:30am to 2:30pm (Lunch is included). This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to become a GelX pro! Here's what awaits you:

Effortless Application & Long-lasting Results:

  • Learn the proper application and removal techniques for GelX extensions, ensuring flawless wear for your clients for 3-6 weeks!

Master the Fundamentals:

  • Russian Efile Manicure: Discover the precise technique for a clean and prepped nail canvas using an electric file.

  • Nail Anatomy Essentials: Gain a solid understanding of the structure and function of the natural nail for safe and effective GelX application.

Become a GelX Application Expert:

  • Product Knowledge Powerhouse: Delve into the world of GelX products, understanding their functions and selecting the best options for flawless results.

  • Perfect Fit, Every Time: Learn to accurately size GelX tips based on your client's nail bed for a natural and comfortable fit.

  • Sculpted vs. Natural Tips: Explore the benefits of both sculpted and pre-shaped GelX tips, and understand when to use each for optimal results.

  • Nail Shaping Mastery: Perfect various filing techniques to achieve your client's desired nail shapes, from classic almond to trendy stiletto.

Flawless Finish & Client Care:

  • Cuticle Care Techniques: Learn proper cuticle care practices to maintain the health and aesthetics of the natural nail around the GelX extensions.

  • Gel Polish Application with a Touch of Flair: Master the application of gel polish for a smooth, bubble-free finish. Explore basic nail art techniques to add a touch of personalization.

  • Troubleshooting Like a Pro: Discover methods to prevent air bubbles and lifting, ensuring long-lasting wear for your client's GelX extensions.

Safe & Gentle Removal:

  • Understand Your Options: Explore the pros and cons of acetone vs. acetone-free removal methods.

  • Learn the Techniques: Master the proper techniques for safe and gentle removal of GelX extensions.

Building Client Rapport:

  • Effective Communication Skills: Develop the skills to effectively understand your client's desires, concerns, and preferred nail styles. This will help you tailor the experience to their needs and create a positive and memorable interaction.

Certificate of Completion:

  • Upon successful completion of the course, you'll proudly receive a dated and signed Certificate of Completion to showcase your newfound GelX skills!



Enroll in this training if you want to learn:

Curious about my GelX course? I'd love to hear from you! Drop a line and let's chat about your nail artistry goals.

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